Pablos Art Studio Inc

Becoming an artist at Pablos

If you have experienced mental health issues and you are interested in making art you can become an artist at Pablos. The first step is to ring us on (04) 382 8885, and make a time to come in and visit us at the studio, 189 Vivian Street, Wellington City.

What happens when I first visit?

When you come in an art tutor will show you around and have a chat with you about your artistic background, the sort of art you are interested in making and the days you could come into the studio to work. You will be asked to fill in an application form giving your contact details, but you won’t be asked personal questions.

Pablos is an art studio not a mental health service, but it does work to ensure it’s a safe, supportive place for everyone. It’s important to remember that everyone working in the studio follows their own artistic vision so you don’t need to compare your artistic experience (or lack of it) with anyone else. If you are interested in starting as an artist we will put you on a waiting list for a couple of weeks to give us the opportunity to find you a space to work, etc Then we will get in touch with you and decide when you will start. What will my first day be like? Beginning something new makes everyone feel a bit nervous, but an art tutor will greet you, introduce you to the other artists and get you started. You will also be taken to meet the Director of Pablos and given an artist’s contract to read and sign. The contract tells you what you can expect from Pablos and what we need from you. On your first day you will start work on a creative plan with your tutor and learn about the opportunities to sell your work through the ROAR! gallery. Artists receive sixty-five percent from the sale of their work and the gallery takes a thirty-five percent commission.

How are artists’ views heard at Pablos?

There is an Artist Reference Group (ARG) that makes sure the views of artists working in the studio are heard. The Pablos Artist Reference Group has regular meetings with artists to talk about their questions and suggestions about Pablos. They also meet with the Pablos Director and the Governing Committee Chair to feed back the artists views. But of course the staff at Pablos are there to help at anytime. If you have questions or suggestions feel free to approach them. It is important you enjoy your time at Pablos and you feel able to use the creative opportunities in the studio to the full.

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