Pablos Art Auction 2020

The Pablos Art Auction is an exciting annual event where we invite Pablos Artists and well-known external artists to donate art to be sold at auction to raise valuable funds.  You can show your support by purchasing a ticket to the auction or consider donating an artwork to the auction. You’ll receive a donation receipt so you can claim a portion from IRD from the amount that your work sells for.

Every year we auction approximately 130 works; half from Pablos artists and the rest from artists all over New Zealand and beyond. Artists like Nigel Brown, Karl Maughan, Kerry Ann Lee, Gavin Chilcott, Johanna Grant-Mackie, Grant Corbishley, Jamie Mackman, Meta Assink.
Robert Rapson, Reece Tong, Michel Tuffery, Ewan McDougall, James Acheson, Jane Blackmore, Gavin Chilcott, Luke Sullivan, Gail Gauldie, Juliet Best, Vincent Duncan, James Robinson, Sam Broad… and you!

For donors the best part is you get to exhibit alongside over 100 great artists from all over New Zealand at the prestigious New Zealand Portrait Gallery/Te Pukenga Whakaata – and you are supporting a worthy cause.

● You Make A Difference. And remember, our door is always open if you would like to see what we do.

● The 2020 Auction takes place Thursday November 12th at the NZ Portrait Gallery/Te Pukenga Whakaata

● All art donors are offered up to 2 tickets for the auction

● We ask for 100% of the sale price of your donated artwork. In exchange you will receive a donation receipt for the sale price then you can claim a tax refund (at the discretion of IRD)

Send your artwork and completed submission form to us by Friday September 25th. If you think you might have some trouble getting your work to us just get in touch and we will assist.