Support Us


Pablos is always appreciative of any donation no matter how big or small. We accept artwork donations for our auction, art material donations as well as monetary donations.


Pablos would not be able to run its day to day operations or events without the assistance of volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering your time to an integral community organisation please give us a call.

Art on loan programme

Pablos has an Art on Loan program designed to brighten up your workplace whilst simultaneously giving our artists increased opportunities for exposure of their artwork and their story. If you think your workplace walls need a bit of livening up please contact our gallery on

Sponsorship programme

Pablos is currently investigating potential sponsorship programs. If your company would like to sponsor Pablos in receipt of having a workshop, exhibition or event run by our professional tutors and talented artists please get in touch with the director on

Outreach programme

In 2019 we have 4 outreach programs including ACC, CCDHB and Pathways. We are always looking for new opportunities to extend our services in the community. If you have a potential group of participants looking for a meaningful activity, look no further.

Grant funding support

Pablos is reliant on grant funding to continue its operations. Each year we apply for a range of grants to help propel our service which affects over 150 Wellingtonians through our studio every year and over 200 participants through our community events every year.