Art Materials

Pablos provides a diverse range of free art materials, 2D, 3D and digital.

Exhibition opportunities

ROAR! Gallery provides opportunities for all artists to exhibit in group shows and has a supportive application/planning process for solo shows.

Discussion groups

We run many discussion forums throughout the year to enable thought provoking conversation on the world of art, the director runs one of these groups once a month.

Art tuition

We have several tutors rostered each day to enable individual support as much as possible.

Art Therapy- group and individual

Our art therapist runs a themed art therapy group called Art is Healing once a week. This group is focused on the process not product of artwork, encouraging group collaboration, expression and meaning making. She also provides one on one arts therapy for those that need extra space to explore themselves.


Thanks to the Frozen Funds grant we are be able to provide teaching opportunities for our artists. Encouraging artist led workshops to skill-share and build confidence. Facilitated by application with tutors support.

Art workshops

There are multiple art workshops every week focused on skill-building.


Pablos has outings scheduled on  a Monday to either visit events/shops in the community or engage in “outside art” for installation/responsive art making.


Pablos has a series of collaborative outreach programs to facilitate creative tuition opportunities for people who may not be able to access our physical studio.