ROAR! Mince Pies

ROAR! Mince Pies is our last exhibition as our Left Bank Arcade gallery is unfortunately closing due to financial reason. Please come by and see latest works of artists for affordable prices.

Opening night Thursday 26th Nov

ARISING exhibition

MIX’s annual exhibition ‘Arising’ at the Roar Gallery. 3-14th November.
Opening night 5th November 5:30 – 7pm with drinks, nibbles and a performance by MIX Ukulele Orchestra.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of 2020, this exhibition is a celebration of the creative output of our artists in what has been a challenging year for many people.

There will be a wonderful range of affordable artworks available for sale including paintings, ceramics, digital prints, and more.

BOOM! Exhibition

A Comic and Cartoon inspired exhibition. Revel in the joy of wonky characters with wacky attributes.

Opening night has been postponed because of Covid-19.

Gordon Harris Staff Group Exhibition

The staff from Gordon Harris will be exhibiting their work at ROAR! from July 30th – August 22nd.

Opening night is the 30 July 5.30-7pm

Pablos Art Auction

Pablos Art Auction occurs every year in November at the New Zealand Portrait Gallery. This is a major fundraiser for the organisation and an exciting event with a chance to win amazing art works from well-known New Zealand artists. View more information under the Funders tab.

Photograph from 2018 Pablos Art Auction.


A series of works made during lockdown by Pablos Artists.

4 June – 27 June 2020

Opening 4 June

Honoured Exhibition by Maëlle Noé

Learning from Māori healing concept.
This show is a series of spontaneous/reverse illustrations inspired from the book “Collaborative and Indigenous Mental Health Therapy. Tātaihono — stories of Māori Healing and Psychiatry” by Wiremu NiaNia, Allister Bush and David Epston. Spontaneous/Reverse illustrations is a concept I came up with, they are made by focusing on the concept as intent, then letting the colours and shapes lead and explain, rather than having the explanation lead the colours and shapes/visual metaphors after conscious planning, the way illustrations usually work.0th of January – 29th February 2020.

Lost In Our Escape- Nic Aagaard exhibition

Nic’s painting has themes of death,
addiction, bureaucracy, anxiety and
beauty. Lost in our escape represents running from problems and getting lost along the way.
This is his first exhibition.

Opening night at Roar! Gallery: 1st October 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Exhibition from the 1st – 31st October

Regrowth exhibition by Jason Fastier

‘Regrowth’ is a series of artworks exploring an alternate ‘surreal’ reality in which nature has reclaimed man-made settings in bizarre and alien-like formations.

Created in response to the COVID-19 lockdown, where many observed the natural world flourish due to a brief break from the regular environmental destruction of today’s modern world. Each work depicts New Zealand scenery and native plant-life, giving a snapshot into a world where nature is allowed the freedom to regrow into something new.

David Boyle Exhibition

“I paint for my own personal escapism and to offer the door to days of romance and adventure to others. I like to stick to themes- British policemen, nuns, Alice in Wonderland but I always return to women on large motorcycles and the jungle adventures because they delight me personally. Sometimes mothers buy them for them for their children and they tell me the kids take them with them when they leave home. The thought someone grew up with one of my pictures and still liked it as a teenager is very rewarding.”

3 July-25 July

Opening night 2 July 5:30-7pm

ROAR! Carnival

Pablos Artists are celebrating with the ROAR! Carnival exhibition, opening from 6th of March to 29th March. This exhibition will cross over with Cuba Dupa festivities.

All Access Exhibition

All Access opens 3rd December 2019 at Thistle Hall

All Access will be open from the 3rd -7th of December, Tuesday to Saturday 11:30 am to 6:00 pm. Closing celebrations on Saturday 7th from 6-8pm . Don’t miss our artist run workshop on Thursday 5th from 12-2pm.

Community Connections and Pablo’s Art Studio invite the community to a new exhibition of tactile, audio described visual art by intuitive Wellington artists. Accessible, this exhibition is audio described,  hung at wheelchair height and tactile.  A rare opportunity to explore an inclusive display experience seen in few galleries.