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Reece Tong has been attending Pablos Art Studios for 14 years and has work in Connecting the Past, an exhibition celebrating 30 years of Pablos –  on display now at the front of the studio at 45 Vivian St in Wellington.

As Reece says, “I've seen Pablos, our artists and the public interest in Pablos grow. I want people to know that our art is here, why we come here and what it is we do.”

Connecting the Past is a group show of current Pablos artists, responding to a selection of works from artists who have passed through Pablos over the 30 years we have been operating.

Over the years, Pablos has accumulated a large number of works that have been donated by artists or have simply been left behind. As the studio has turned 30 years old, it seemed a good opportunity to revisit the works from the collection and reflect on them with our current artists.

These reflections were a great catalyst to instigate memories and stories of the past, talk about past artists, and highlight the changes, the kaupapa, and how Pablos continues to play an important role in the community.

It was amazing to see how eagerly the artists took to this project and how immediate and personal the responses were to the works.

Each found their own interpretations and meanings to the works as they made their own creations. These works seem to be talking to each other and can be seen as little conversation pieces between the present and the past.

These responses are not simply copies of the works but deeper interpretations or variations on themes, often taking the viewer in a different direction and highlighting aspects and subtleties of the original work that may not be immediately apparent to the viewer. It also shows us that our interpretation of art is often a very personal experience.

This exhibition, which continues throughout January, also highlights how it is the people that use the space is what makes this space.

“Some of us are here, some have moved on, some have passed away but all will forever be Pablos artists.”



Celebrating 30 years of Pablos Art Studios


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